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Shadow Survival

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Shadow Survival (by Alohafactory)

Where monsters appear in the dark, there is a war of survival. And on the battlefield, brave knights are killing monsters!

Shadow Survival is a vampire survival game in which the knight kills monsters appearing in the dark, by leveling up, and surviving. Feel the exciting of sweeping away the monsters that are flocking by upgrading your skills in the game!

Shadow Survival Game features
The pleasure of killing monsters : there’s the pleasure of fighting countless monsters that flock and wiping them out at once! The more you clearing the stage, the more thrilling you can feel.

Shadow Survival

Easy to control : Simple to control with one hand, light usability that makes it easy for anyone to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Fun organizing your own skill deck: Create your own skill deck by selecting the skill given during gameplay! As you upgrade and combine different skills, the stronger you get, the harder it will be to get out of this game!

Shadow Survival

Battle of Heroes: Choose the hero character to fight against monsters and enjoy strategic play! The battle of heroes takes place on numerous maps. Improve your abilities with trophies through battle, and strengthen your heroes to survive and win the crisis!

Darkness is more deepens, the monsters get stronger and stronger. Fight with your brave knights can overcome the monsters!

It’s time to enjoy your adventure!”

Available: Google Play – USA

Shadow Survival
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