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Shadows: Cradle Island

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Shadows: Cradle Island (by Colideas Games)

Dexter followed a missing researcher to Cradle Island only to get caught in an ancient mystery.

Help Dexter save Laura, and uncover the mystery behind the creature in an open-world role-playing adventure.

In Shadows: Cradle Island, you will

Shadows: Cradle Island
Shadows: Cradle Island
Shadows: Cradle Island
Shadows: Cradle Island

Explore the map in an open-world puzzle adventure setting
Experience dynamic storytelling with multiple ending
Want to know more about the engaging back story behind the mystery
Experience different gameplay during the day and night
Just enjoy the cool graphics
Interact with objects
and much more.

A new 2d platformer experience awaits you. Enjoy!

Shadows: Cradle Island
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