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Siege Craft TD

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Merge. Place. Fire. You’ll have to think on your feet if you want to survive the onslaught of baddies and bosses coming for your base!

Siege Craft TD is a fantasy themed, fast-paced tower defense game that pits you and your towers against a never-ending stream of hungry foes. Combine towers to level them up and bolster them with advanced gear. Recruit heroes with powerful abilities as you stem the stream of monsters bent on your demise!

Game Features:

Siege Craft TD

Automatic Battles, Unlimited Upgrades
– Defend your land against a non-stop flow of enemies and bosses
– Merge towers to level up and equip them with powerful new upgrades
– Build and upgrade 4 types of defense towers

Siege Craft TD

Endless Strategy, Precise Tactics
– Adjust your tower types and layout to maximize damage output
– Recruit heroes to your cause and use their abilities to devastate the enemy

Detailed Unity 3D Landscapes
– Battle on rich, detailed forest, glacier, and desert landscapes

Siege Craft TD
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