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Slime War: Idle Hero

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Slime War: Idle Hero (by Gemini Network Ltd.)

Slime War: Idle Herois a free strategy card game, and we want you to have fun and enjoy the game.

The world was shattered by the war of the gods, humans lost their home, the last prince found the last world tree on a desolate island, can you lead a group of Slimes to rebuild the empire? Can you stop the gods who are coming again?

Assign Slimes to work in different buildings, take care of the world tree and make food.

Battle of the Gods
The battle is inevitable here, so overcome the obstacles to defeat the gods and move forward into the future.

Slime War: Idle Hero

Build a Home
Reclaim your home with the power of the Slimes.

Slime War: Idle Hero

Recruit Heroes
Recruit unknown gods to join the battlefield and destroy the darkness.

Slime War: Idle Hero

Arm Yourself
Build equipment, collect artifacts, and acquire treasures to make your hero stronger.

Slime War: Idle Hero

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