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Wizards & Kingdoms GO

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Wizards & Kingdoms GO (by Shipyard Games Inc)

Your quest starts at your doorstep! Go outside, capture land, and start building a kingdom!

Capture land as you walk:
Every journey outdoors is an opportunity to expand your kingdom. Be the first to capture unclaimed territory, or take control of land already occupied by other kingdoms.

Build a huge kingdom in real-world places:
Place a castle to establish a town, then expand its borders to make space for homes and refineries.

Wizards & Kingdoms GO

Gather resources and craft items:
Use magic to extract natural resources as you walk, then build refineries in real-world places to craft new items.

Wizards & Kingdoms GO

Tame wild beasts and fight monsters:
Use your magic to tame wild beasts and make them your companions. Send your companions to fight monsters in real-world places.

Wizards & Kingdoms GO

Remote play with your alliance:
Teleport to visit other players all over the world! Join one of three global kingdoms, trade items, and answer calls for help by teleporting to locations.

Wizards & Kingdoms GO

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