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💡 Platform – Android

The description of 代號:降臨 (by Zencat Gaming)

Story introduction
At the beginning of the 23rd century, humans have settled on Mars for a hundred years. But the peace here was completely broken by a war caused by the Mars rebel forces, and the huge humanoid machines that once played a key role in safeguarding the security of the world and building the Mars home – mechas – also followed this conflict. And became the backbone of the war in the new century.

It is now, 2225. The collapse of the rebel forces has not only failed to restore peace to Mars, but has fallen into an abyss of greater chaos driven by various factions. At this time, an abnormal signal appeared on Mars, which set off an even more turbulent dark wave for the situation on Mars.
And you are entrusted by the Planetary Nexus Technology Group to lead a mecha combat team to escort a girl, the young scientist Savina, to Mars. You will travel through the crisis-ridden war zone to investigate the source of the abnormal signal and try to prevent its possibility. Leading to catastrophic consequences.
However, what this action involves is not only the personal fate of you and Savina, but also the unresolved interest disputes in Mars society for a century…

Game features
Various types of machines with distinctive personalities
Japanese-style, American-style, real-style, and super-style units come together.
Hard-core driving experience, hearty hitting feeling, and unprecedented super gorgeous action!


Flexible and rich tactical strategies
Respond to the ever-changing battlefield environment, flexibly form a team based on the characteristics of mechas, and enjoy the fun of strategic matching!

Immerse yourself in a magnificent story world
The seamless plot performance is like a movie, the story unfolds rapidly like fate, and the charming experience of becoming the protagonist of a robot animation!


Charming and detailed animation
The industry’s top animation design, powerful and detailed performance, and an unparalleled visual feast!

Test activity
“Participate in the questionnaire activity and receive the “Machine Girl” skin!”
During the test period, if you participate in the Satisfaction Survey 1, you will be able to obtain the appearance of the Yueying Machine Girl “Useiying Otome Type”.


“Daily legion supply provides a complete set of mecha modification parts and development materials!”
During the test period, commanders can receive legion supplies via email every day, including a complete set of mecha modification parts, modification parts strengthening materials, hydrogen raw materials, etc.!


“Contract fulfillment rewards: Log in to get a massive amount of constant quality crystals!”
During the test period, you can receive a large number of constant quality crystals every day in the “Contract Fulfillment Feedback” activity, and a total of 155,000 constant quality crystals can be received within 7 days!

“Target sprint to get SSR mecha and rare skins!”
During the test period, if you complete the sprint event, you can get the SSR mecha “Galahad”, the thunderstorm combat-optimized special appearance “Red Prajna”, Lu Ningning’s special costume “Wind of Life”, etc.

Available: Google Play – US, TW, HK, etc…


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