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Solitaire Zoo – Tripeaks 3D

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The description of Solitaire Zoo – Tripeaks 3D

Let’s rebuild the Fancy zoo and have fun with animals! To keep beautiful moments from childhood, play Solitaire Tripeaks to rebuild your memories!
Form the moment opening the old door, you will journey into a fantastic animal world!
Complete levels, unlock and repair areas covered by fog, build the best environment for the animals, explore the rules of the animal world with friends, and deepen the relationship with everyone in this small town.
Victor and his pet dog Coco will be your most trusted partners and manage the zoo with you!

Solitaire Zoo - Tripeaks 3D
Solitaire Zoo - Tripeaks 3D
Solitaire Zoo - Tripeaks 3D

Game Features:
— Unique Gameplay: Complete levels by playing Solitaire Tripeaks and get action points to build or improve the zoo.
— Free Construction: The environment is free for you to create your dream zoo, of course, benefit for an animal living is the precondition.
— Interesting Story: Light-hearted text not only help you unlock stories but help you gain some trivia about animals. How much do you know about them?
— Numerous characters: A genius boy with a weird personality, insect researcher with a hot temper, Clever but naughty child… People are waiting for you, please strive to become a better human!
— Active thinking levels: Multiple designs, advanced difficulty level, and multiple props to make you a brainstorm.
— Mysterious architecture: When the flamingo became a symbol of love, what would you commemorate it with? What was the Mayan civilization? Answers are waiting for you in the game!
— Interaction with friends: Bind facebook and run a zoo together!

Solitaire Zoo - Tripeaks 3D
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