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Tales of Aventura

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of アベンチュラテイルズ (by Ujoy Games)

In Aventura Tales [Avetura],
Let’s explore the mysterious civilized world!
Everyone from adventure beginners to seasoned cave explorers are welcome!

[Aventura Tales] is a civilization exploration RPG where you can become an “adventurer”. Adventure in search of unexplored ruins and mysterious relics of ancient civilizations. There are also fun mini-games such as fishing, cooking, and building. Let’s take a good night’s sleep and be reborn as “adventurers”!

Recommended for these people
I like exciting RPGs
I want to have fun and adventure in the endless world
You will be thrilled by the lost worlds such as the Mayan civilization
I have played an online RPG


“Shishi Musume” is being distributed only in Japan!
Pre-registration bonus 5-star pet, boar girl “Shishi Musume” is now being distributed!
Join her as she fights while jumping up and down, and let’s become stronger together.


Live interaction around the fire
Chat around the campfire with your friends. Let’s become friends by eating from the same pot.
Show your true self with freely changeable icons


Free adventure
A heroic story written by you! Let’s make memories with three kinds of adventurers. Colorful battles with automatic play!


Massive diamond distribution!
You can quickly make friends and become stronger! Leave it to automatic play to quickly complete training and strengthening and set off on your journey now!

This world is protected by “adventurers”.
They belong to the “Adventurer Association”,
Explore unexplored civilizations,
Seeking paranormal relics and the romance of the unknown.
Now, let’s challenge your own Aventura.

Official website

Official – X (Twitter)

Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan


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