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Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna (by Super Planet)

An enchanting clicker RPG with dreamy illustrations.

Luna, the little knight, opened her eyes in the Slime Forest upon hearing a mysterious voice.
After a moment of pain, she grabbed her knife and got up again..

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

She needs to save her friends captured by the Dark Lord As!

Anna, Romi, Enid, Lennon… Free all of your friends!
Strengthen your expedition and challenge the Dark Lord once again!

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

The Nightmare Castle, the Constellation Lake, the Bloodwind Canyon… will not be easy to defeat
but, every time you free one of your friends, it will get easier!

“Luna, the little knight, will not give in to the curse of the Dark Lord.”

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

Tap the monster and Luna will start to attack!
Save 30 scattered colleagues and form an expedition.
The stronger Luna gets, the better she will look.
Ask Amber to make a legendary skill.
If you meet a witch and ask for reincarnation, you will become stronger.
Challenge the Nightmare Castle, Constellation Lake, or Tower of Trials.
In the Bloodwind Canyon, compete against other players.

Luna is the only hope in the endarkened Stonia Continent,
Will you join her in her new adventures?

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

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