Tasokare Hotel Re:newal

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 誰ソ彼ホテル Re:newal (by ESC-APE by SEEC)

“Dareso Kare Hotel” is set in the “Twilight Hotel” that exists between the other world and this world. It is an escape adventure novel game that deduces and interprets the “truth” of.
With a hint function that even those who are new to escape games can enjoy, anyone can easily enjoy the main story that interests them.

Renewal points
Added a lot of drawn stills that color the main story!
Many character voices are also included!
Additional stories with new customers are also available!
Enjoy puzzle solving and interrogation parts on the horizontal screen!
Includes mini-games that you can enjoy even after clearing the main story!

誰ソ彼ホテル Re:newal
誰ソ彼ホテル Re:newal

Game Features
A genre “escape adventure novel” that adds a long story to the mystery solving (escape game)
Mystery/exploration to solve the mystery while enjoying the story
Equipped with reasoning elements.
Multiple endings that change depending on the player’s choices
With a hint function that even those who are new to escape games can enjoy

誰ソ彼ホテル Re:newal
Screenshot 誰ソ彼ホテル Re:newal

Official website https://se-ec.co.jp/appgames/tasokarehotel-re/

Available: Google Play / App Store – JP


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