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The legend of Pamons

💡 Platform – Android

The description of The legend of Pamons (by Leniu Games)

Pamons, a vast world once governed by deities and ancient dragons, has seen the birth of countless brilliant civilizations.

Thousands of years ago, the evil dragon Nero, a foreign invader, suddenly arrived, bringing endless killing and plunder, plunging the entire continent into darkness and despair. Under the leadership and sacrifice of the gods and dragons, Nero was finally sealed, and the glory of Pamons continued.

As the years passed, Nero gradually broke free from control. And you, the youngest and most outstanding warrior of the Howling Dragon Tribe, will face the challenge of Nero and shoulder the responsibility of defending the Pamons!

The legend of Pamons

Pick your favorite class
There are strong warriors, priests who heal companions, sassy rangers, mysterious assassins, and many other classes here. Choose the one you are good at! Different classes mean different strategies and more fun.

The legend of Pamons

Adventure with Pets
Never feel lonely here! From super cute penguins to baby fire dragons, you can encounter hundreds of adorable pets!

The legend of Pamons

Train the strongest partner
Each Pet can evolve into dozens forms! Witness the transformation from baby to super fighter! Use strategic combinations of skills to achieve the ultimate battle and slay the enemy together with your pets!

The legend of Pamons

Fight with your friends
Join hands with your friends to create the strongest team! Use smart career combinations to defeat powerful enemies and resolve endless crises!

The legend of Pamons

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