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The Lost Gene

Early access – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of The Lost Gene (by Jiaxin.XData)

Build your own spaceship and lead your crew to discover The Lost Gene in the vast Galaxy!
Are you ready to manage your spaceship? Star running a small spaceship and work hard to expand your spaceship empire. Improve every detail and finish more trade orders to become the most powerful spaceship tycoon in the galaxy.

To discover the secret of The Lost Gene, you will meet various characters, recruit and train them, collect and produce resources, make your spaceship empire prosperous, travel through different planets, and fight with the enemies of different forces.
Find out why this is one of the most thrilling and exciting space simulator tycoon game! Build your own spaceship empire and become a space tycoon now!

Explore different planets, Uncover The Lost Gene
Waking up alone on a empty spaceship, how are you going to survive?
-Explore different planets, travel, and meet the person from different background, are they enemies or friends?
-Upgrade your spaceship by producing, trading and manufacturing!
-As the captain, you need to search for The Lost Gene and find your crew in this mysterious journey.
-Where is the future of this universe of chaos and mystery? Everything is up to you to define.

The Lost Gene

Strength your crew, build the strongest fleet
As the captain, you need to recruit different experts to build and upgrade your spaceship.
Train your crew, strengthen them, send them out to adventure.

The Lost Gene

Customize your spaceship
As the captain, you get to build your spaceship from scratch!
Construct your space base by building space capsules, space farms, trade zone, labs, and different modules with various functions to make your space station prosperous!
Upgrade and unlock higher versions of your facilities, increase resource production efficiency, synthesize more advanced weapons and modules, enhance spaceman power, and grow the strength of your fleet.

The Lost Gene

Ultimate Audio-visual experiences
Enjoy perfect detail and stunning HD graphics! Incredibly visualized your spaceship and unexplored planets provide a cinematic in-game view of the galaxy! Watch your spaceship to evolve into the universe from a small spacecraft to a powerful force with incredible detail!

The Lost Gene

New Features & Elements!
Your user experience is very important to us. Regular updates and new elements are on the schedule! The Lost Gene’s story evolves filling your desire for new content!

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The Lost Gene

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