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The Wandering Ark(CN)

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💡Platform – Android(TapTap)

The description of The Wandering Ark (by Burning Cat Studio)

Wandering Ark is a circular strategy game based on physics collision gameplay and pixel wasteland style. It combines a steampunk pixel wind and a wasteland theme. In the role of the captain, the player controls a huge mobile steel house “Wandering Ark” across the wasteland. Wander, save and save yourself. recruit heroes, fight threats and rebuild civilization.


The main gameplay of the game is to simulate physical collisions. Players control heroes to face enemies and deal damage. Each unit has realistic physical properties and fights just like billiard collisions, but these billiard balls have become cute pixel heroes with their own bells and whistles. You can use various Sao operations to show the enemy’s face.


[Alignment] Action
happening in the near future. The Internet spawned an online life that claimed to be “Floating.” After a long period of inactivity, the first war for survival began. Desperate people desperately used nuclear weapons to destroy the earth and Floating Point is the same. However, due to the obstacles of the “floating point”, this was not fully implemented, but a large number of nuclear explosions still brought the world into the “nuclear age”, and the “floating point” also disappeared, and its tentacles in the physical world – The armies of omnivores were also killed , the team wandering through the wastelands is disastrously lost.


The remaining people were able to breathe, and some people acquired the powerful power of radiation. These heroes led the survivors to fight the threats of the remaining omniks, unknown monsters and fallen scavengers, and established survivor settlements in the ruins. The abilities and deeds of the heroes are widespread in the world of the wasteland, and parishioners call them after the gods of old age.


The good times, however, did not last long. Suddenly, a large number of omnibuses appeared in the wasteland. Omnibuses, losing their floating point command, swept through several settlements, and countless numbers of people were displaced and began to roam the desert. … Some survivors put their homes on wheels and built a “boat on land” that could move continuously to avoid the tide of omnipotence. The player plays the captain of one of the “Wandering Arks” on an ark, wandering through the wasteland, rescuing survivors, collecting lost heroes, leading everyone to find a solution to the problem of omnipotence, exploring the truth of the world and restoring human civilization.

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