Three Kingdoms All Star

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 삼국 올스타 (by Qookka Games)

I hope to see you all in the world of omnipotent psychic powers!

>Selected by 23 million users, ranked #1 in 4 regions
>Co-production with global producers, [Npixel] art review collaboration
>The highly anticipated supernatural RPG masterpiece is coming this summer

Game Introduction
In this parallel universe, only you can change everything.
Become a god who handles all superpowers and feel the power of omnipotence!

Game Features

Control all superpowers, enjoy fresh battles
Awakening the hero’s phenomenal power, teleportation, gigantism, and stealth
Diverse skill tree, hero’s ultimate DIY, subdue the enemy in a new way

삼국 올스타

Fresh training mechanism, all heroes are reborn as myths
[Normal] class can also be leveled up with [Myth], breaking the existing training method
There is no “discarded hero”, various deck configurations and rich content

삼국 올스타

Easy transfer of stats, reject redundant training, go away with boring repetitive training
Stats such as equipment, attack power, and HP of various classes are immediately inherited, boring training is NO
Endlessly enjoy the ultimate fighting power with 1 set of equipment

삼국 올스타

Stable draw profit, control the probability
If you draw 40 times, you will get a legendary weapon, and if you pick a hero you want, you will get a higher chance of getting it.
100% equipment enhancement rate, level up without worrying about loss!

삼국 올스타

Stable automatic battle revenue, freely control game time
24-hour steam/automatic battle to secure resources without worrying about HP
DIY how to become stronger with various contents such as hot springs

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