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Three Kingdoms: Global War (ENG)

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The description of Three Kingdoms: Global War

“Blood Three Kingdoms” is a high degree of freedom strategy Three Kingdoms card game. The painting style Q Meng has a unique style and is equipped with multiple development lines.

Standalone online seamless switching, free exploration of world map. Cultivate a unique warrior and go through the chaos of the Three Kingdoms. Come and create a game of your own Three Kingdoms!

Game features
The classic strategy card game, the nine-grid grid layout template combined with rigorous numerical design, creates a unique and high-quality mobile game of the Three Kingdoms with deep content.

Three Kingdoms: Global War

Battle mode
[Limit over pictures] Pay attention to role matching and skill selection;
[World Boss] test hard operation, layout skills;
[Cross-service national warfare] requires team operations, professional complementarity
More than ten battle modes to dress up for the feast, waiting for you to write a good strategy;

Three Kingdoms: Global War

Develop skills
Determine the country, choose tactics, lock in the gods, low-star warriors are excessive, get the most resources with the lowest consumption, rationally plan the leapfrog push, and you will be the district master in less than half a week.

Three Kingdoms: Global War

Value gift
Log in to send ten companies, sign in to get the gods, enjoy the welfare of the activities, and the krypton party’s paradise.

Three Kingdoms: Global War

Fun social
Draw cards for each other, lineage test; nightmare levels, team challenge; guild missions, friend assistance; weekend rewards, you and I share.

Three Kingdoms: Global War
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