Touhou Arcadia Record

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Touhou Arcadia Record (by DAMO NETWORK LIMITED)

Side-scrolling official derivative smartphone game “Touhou Arcadia Record” based on “Touhou Project”! A new record of Gensokyo begins here!
Let’s embark on an exciting and unstoppable adventure with our unique and entertaining friends from Gensokyo!

A battle system that you can build freely!
Free team composition that allows up to 5 people to participate in fields and skills that reproduce the original! In addition, you can freely create your own skills with the spirit mark system!


Elaborate game mode!
Mansion △ Not only can you arrange the room to your liking and listen to manga and music, but you can also enjoy various mini games such as hot springs, fishing, cultivation, cooking, and exploration with your friends!
Favorability △ Each of your friends has an original story, and as your liking increases, new stories and voices will be released.
Spirit mark △ You can get a spirit mark that reproduces the character’s barrage by challenging the boss, and let’s clear the stage brilliantly with a flashy barrage!
Gensokyo Catalog △ The original story reveals a new side of Gensokyo’s friends! There are many other ways to play that will make you more enjoyable! What kind of Gensokyo you spend is up to you!


A lively story!
The protagonist who suddenly appeared in Gensokyo was driven by the urge to “record things” and was involved in various incidents under the guidance of Kaoruko Usami. Burn your eyes to the whole story of an incident that can only occur in Gensokyo.

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan


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