Wandering Knights

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 旅行騎士 (by JK Culture Global)

The background world of the game is a continent that is naturally generated in a different space. The story of saving the world after the player accidentally travels to the travel continent… In the travel continent, the player will play the role of the leader of the knights, together with a group of knights with an adventurous spirit Go, start a righteous and dreamy adventure!

Plot exploration to decrypt the unknown
The whole world view and plot drawn from the NPC dialogue
Fully immerse yourself in the entire worldview by exploring!

Wandering Knights

Unique map Mysterious town
Clear the chapter with full stars to unlock the mysterious town
Increase favorability with residents and increase the chance of obtaining materials!

Attributive and strategy to win
Unique attribute system, can switch attributes at will
There are additional bonuses for the phase-resistance attribute, unlock your ultimate attribute combination!

Wandering Knights

Asynchronous battles
The special asynchronous pvp is the most direct display method for players to compete against each other.
Adjust the lineup and the order of battle, and use strategy to defeat the opponent to get the final victory!

Unique knight personality development
Players need to collect materials to gradually strengthen the knight
Equipment strength, level, star, and skill level are improved in many ways
In-depth creation of exclusive personalized knights

Wandering Knights

Collection of cute pets, happy travel
Open the cute pet travel system to bring more skill gains to the group leader
Let cute pets help you practice and gain super strength faster!

Official Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/www.wanderingknights

Available: Google Play – TW, HK

Wandering Knights

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