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Official Launch(CN) – Open Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android(Tap) | iOS

The description of 行界 (by Windplay)

China “Xingjie” is a domestic sci-fi idle invasion mobile game. You will become the defender of the order of the Seventh Hospital of the future city—Shao Sikou, step by step to uncover the dark conspiracy under the cover of feasting and feasting, break through the enemy’s psychological defenses through “thinking invasion”, resist the will to manipulate fate, and help the justice of the world.

Thinking invasion, touch the truth

The intricate network of thoughts, Xinwuwei obeys orders,

Connect the fetters of camps, break through the barriers of the brain, and the enemy is waiting for your challenge.

“Tear open the dark conspiracy under the cover of fireworks”


Subverting order, rectifying the world

Full Chinese immersive dubbing, mortals sing war songs of resistance to the “gods”,

Praise the pricelessness of thoughts and hold up the weight of life.

“Bruises can’t stop the pioneers”


Outside the Walled City, you can see all kinds of things

Adapt measures to local conditions, step by step, skillfully use random additions,

One stroke of the cloud connects the route to the destination.

“Let’s embark on this journey of no return”


Heart Martial Guard, crossing the buoyant life together

Call her name and hear her story.

Let go of the secrets that are hidden under the mandrill’s brocade clothes.

“She stared at the vast lights at her feet, as if embracing the greatest city in human history”

“Tai is with you.”

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