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Dynasty: Fallen & Rise

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android |iOS

The description of Dynasty: Fallen & Rise (by Yko Tecmo Games)

Welcome to the legendary adventure of the Three Kingdoms era Epic Age in ‘Dynasty: Fallen&Rise’! In this mobile game, you will be taken into a gripping epic Path of Immortals story, exploring the fall and rise of dynasties, and experiencing unparalleled Myth adventures and tower of God challenges.

The game background takes you into the turbulent years of the Three Kingdoms era into the Dead. The ancient Dynasty Legends was tottering in internal and external difficulties, and the flames of war engulfed the earth. You will become the Dynasty Warriors of fate, destined to play an important role and change the course of history in this turbulent era.

Exploration is one of the core gameplay of ‘Dynasty: Fallen&Rise’. The honkai world in the game is exquisitely constructed and detailed, from bustling Shadow Fight cities to desolate clash royale mountains, from mysterious landmarks to vast oceans, every place is filled with mysteries, treasures, and unknowns Immortal Legend. During your exploration, you will encounter various NPCs, including experienced generals, wise strategists Watcher of Realms, and devout monks. Watcher of Realms will accompany you on this adventure journey. The communication and interaction with these characters will not only lead to exciting conversations, but also guide you to further understand the history and secrets of the gaming world.

Dynasty: Fallen & Rise

In your adventure raid journey, you will gradually unlock your guardian tales own territory amd rise of Kingdoms. This will become your base camp, where you can build various facilities such as training grounds, workshops, mysterious research institutes, and so on. Each facility has unique features and bonuses, and you can provide various resources and support for your adventure team through reasonable layout and planning, thereby achieving greater victory in legend of kings battle.

Character development is another highlight of the game. You can recruit various Goddess Era heroes world war heroes, from legend of empress knights to wise counselors, Heroes of mythic might from mysterious eternity warriors to witty assassins, each lords and tactics with unique skills and backgrounds. Through battles and missions, you can enhance the AFK Heroes’s level and attributes, unlock new skills and equipment. You can also create a unique combat style for each hero by selecting equipment and cultivating skills to cope with different combat challenges.

Dynasty: Fallen & Rise

Fighting rage of destiny is one of the core content of ‘Dynasty: Fallen&Rise’. The combat system in the game integrates strategy and real-time, and you need to flexibly apply your heroes and skills in each battle, adjusting your Trials of Heroes tactics based on the enemy’s weaknesses and changes in the battle situation. Every clash legend battle is a battle of wisdom and courage, and only reasonable strategies can achieve ultimate victory.

The beauty of the new romance of three kingdoms game is not only reflected in the graphics, but also in the sound effects and music, which cannot be ignored. The sound effects of the game bring you into the tense atmosphere of the battlefield, while the music allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of the game.

Dynasty: Fallen & Rise

Dynasty: Fallen&Rise takes you into the long history of the chaotic three kingdoms era, where every choice will affect the fate of the age of dynasties. Whether it is its downfall or its rise, it will be created by you personally. Join this exciting adventure world now, explore the unknown Mini Dynasty, conquer challenges, and write your own heroic legends!

Dynasty: Fallen & Rise
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