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Final Frontier: Space Idle RPG

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Final Frontier: Space Idle RPG (by EJ Games LLC)

The Gideans and the Armadians have been fighting each other for hundreds of years. Defeated, the Gideans managed to expel the enemy by activating the Obelisks, at the cost of their own lives.
The Obelisks have been protecting the Galaxy for tens of thousands of years, but now that they have been deactivated, the Galaxy’s first line of defense has disappeared. The Armadian dread fleet is conquering sectors one by one, taking charge of the inhabitants along the way.

Final Frontier: Space Idle RPG

You are the leader of a group of space pirates, who travel from one planet to another in search of treasure and profit.
But on your next mission, you unexpectedly encounter mysterious girl and her world-saving quest.

Final Frontier: Space Idle RPG

Final Frontier is an auto battle RPG in which you must complete missions, fight for resources, develop your squad, upgrade your spaceship, and explore and conquer space.
Assemble a team of heroes, each with different skills and perks, equip them with the deadliest alien technology, and prove yourself in battle!

Final Frontier: Space Idle RPG

– Immerse yourself in the uncharted regions of space, learn more about its history and races, and interact with key characters.
– Travel between planetary systems and across the vast map, unearthing secrets along the way.
– Compete with other players, collecting resources and equipment to strengthen your team.
– A fascinating plot that will keep you engaged. On your quest to save the world, you will encounter many interesting characters and strange events.

Final Frontier: Space Idle RPG

– Collect heroes of different classes, each with unique skills, and build the perfect combat team.
– Level up your crew and choose the best equipment for them.
– Upgrade your spaceship to increase its efficiency.

Final Frontier: Space Idle RPG

– Battles do not require your direct control, but allow you to make full use of your heroes’ skills.
– Watch your team’s AFK battles against monsters, antagonists and bosses to understand how best to develop the team further.

Available: Google Play – RU


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