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Z Dawn

Pre-registration – Android

Official Launch – iOS | Steam

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | Steam

The description of Z Dawn (by GoldenGod Games)

In the burst of the Z virus, the world everyone knew ceased to exist. Lead a group of survivors throughout a zombie apocalypse in a fast-paced turn challenging game. Survive, interact, loot, explore, build, craft, defend, attack!

● Explore the wilderness left behind and find different locations

● Search for resources, weapons, ammunition, clothes, food, medicine

Z Dawn

● Manage survivors individually and equip them accordingly to their favorite skills

● Build, upgrade and fortify your encampment to withstand the hordes of zombies

Z Dawn

● Assign survivors to different tasks like farming, a guard in a watchtower, builder, mechanic

● Explore many different locations for items, help strangers, invite them to join your group

Z Dawn

● Craft and upgrade equipment

● Deal with different events and choose many possible outcomes

Z Dawn

● Deal with other survivors and their respective encampments

● Repair and upgrade vehicles to drive and defend

● Deal with hundreds of thrilling events with many possible outcomes

Z Dawn
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