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Dragon Realms:Era of Adventure

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dragon Realms:Era of Adventure (by VOO PLUS Entertainment Limited)

Dive in to the world of Laphael, an ancient RPG game featured by simulation strategy!
In the Land of Laphael, the once-friendly dragonkin have fallen victim to a malevolent curse, turning their backs on humanity. It falls upon you to embark on a noble quest, to shatter the curse and free these majestic creatures from their torment. Only by matching wits with the dragons can you bring an end to Laphael’s curse that has plagued the land for decades!

The fate of the world rests in your hands. Prepare to immerse yourself in this enthralling game and set off on an adventure through the Dragon Realms!

Embark On Expedition, Into The Unknown
Immerse yourself in the mysteries of uncharted territories. As a bold explorer, your mission is to uncover hidden treasures and unveil the secrets concealed in the enigmatic unknown. Clear mysterious towers, rise as an upstart in arena, defeat vicious dragons and seek legendary relic! Are you ready for a journey that defies all expectations? Join us as we embark on an exploration like no other!

Dragon Realms:Era of Adventure

Develop Base, Rise As A Tycoon
Time to shine! Land of Laphael is a place where you’ll transform a humble outpost into an empire of epic base. As a budding entrepreneur, it’s your mission to build, expand, and manage your base efficiently. Develop various buildings, collect materials, produce goods, sell them to residents, and dominate the market. Can you rise to the top and become the ultimate tycoon?

Dragon Realms:Era of Adventure

Hatch Dragon Eggs, Unleash Evolution
Ancient dragons await your command! Venture into treacherous dungeons, uncover dragon eggs, and nurture these majestic creatures as they evolve into awe-inspiring beings of immense power. Witness the breathtaking might of your dragons as they gracefully soar through the skies and engage in thrilling, high-stakes battles.

Dragon Realms:Era of Adventure

Promote Heroes, Switch Roles At Will
Assemble your team of elite Heroes, empower them with formidable skills, craft legendary Gear, and set forth on a journey. Your heroes’ destinies lie in your hands. Elevate their potential by upgrading and promoting them, allowing you to explore diverse paths of development. Seamlessly switch between roles during battles to unleash their full potential. Customize your team’s strategy and lead your heroes to glorious victory!

Dragon Realms:Era of Adventure

Tactical Battles, Deploy Your Team
As the commander of a diverse array of heroes, you’ll plunge headfirst into intense confrontations. Craft ingenious battle plans, strategically position your team members, and exploit your enemies’ weaknesses. Victory hinges on your tactical prowess – will you outmaneuver your adversaries and emerge as the triumphant champion?

Clan As One Force, Journey With Friends
In this incredible journey, a group of friends with diverse backgrounds and unique talents unite to form an unbreakable clan. Assist your friends with Clan Quest, confront dragons and trade items in the big family. Combat other clans, and create bonds that will endure the test of time.


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Available: Google Play – UK

Dragon Realms:Era of Adventure

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