Advent 2

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Official opening on August 23rd.

The description of 강림2:제천대성 (by Trigirls Studio)

The world of the strong. Advent 2
The latest Son Goku job MMORPG–‘I am the Monkey King of this area!’
Based on oriental myths such as ‘Journey to the West’ and ‘Bongsinyeon’!
Feel the unique martial arts world!

Game Introduction

The latest Son Goku job RPG
Advent sequel! My own implementation with Son Goku as the main character!


The first equestrian battle martial arts RPG
Free choice of cool mounts! With words, the pleasure is double!


Exciting BOSS hunting battle
3D graphics, good touch, and legendary equipment are GET by drop!


Styling according to my taste
Full of personality and free coordination with charm!

Release of unprecedented benefits
VIP gift just by logging in! Faster growth, more pleasure

Naver –


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