Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of (by HUIXIN I.T HOLDINGS LIMITED)

“Adventurer, you are finally here.”

“A group of beasts appeared near our village: a big bird named Kunpeng that can control water, a fire-breathing rhinoceros, and an elusive dark lizard… They not only hurt the villagers, but also looted a lot of property.”

“We hate these monsters so much, if you defeat them, you can take all the treasures!”

“By the way, don’t forget to recruit some teammates. However, you also need to pay more attention to them, because many adventurers don’t know what “loyalty” means.”

“Are you ready, adventurer? We look forward to your victory.”

How to play

– Drag to move and dodge, tap to attack
– Choose one of three skills when leveling up
– Use skill combos to quickly win games

How to get stronger

– Use coins to buy weapons and synthesize them to get advanced weapons
– Join other players to defeat BOSS and collect very powerful gear sets

Game Feature:

– 18+ awesome heros can be collected
– Many weapons with varity of features
– Some eye-catching weapon skins
– Play with real players
– Accumulate rewards when offline

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