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Anno Primitive

Early access – Open Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Anno Primitive (by oceanheart)

In the Paleolithic period, the caves where the early humans lived were destroyed by large-scale volcanic eruptions.

Forced to leave the original home, the primitive survivors made a long journey and finally reached this continent of hope, where they will build an ancient Village out of nothing and gradually develop it into a highly civilized settlement!

In the brand-new strategy game Anno Primitive, your character will be the Chief of the newborn Village! You’ll take Meyer, your assistant girl, and other villagers to accede to the throne in the prehistoric ages!


Explore an ancient continent
Travel freely on the vast land and discover new worlds on the other side of the forests!

Anno Primitive

Tame prehistoric animals
Hunt and tame the early creatures. These beasts beyond your imagination can become your ultimate weapon in your conquest.

Recruit powerful heroes
The heroes with unique skills can boost your Village’s growth speed and lead your warriors to smash enemies!

Anno Primitive

Personalize your Village
Build your unique tribe that is unparalleled anywhere. This is the first page of your legendary stories!

Choose a matching Custom
Switching Customs of your Village will deliver a different gaming experience and requires strategy changes!

Anno Primitive

Forge invincible Clans
Fight alongside your clan mates in real-time. Raid the Barbarian’s Fortresses, occupy the Paradise Oasis, and become the Paramount Chief among millions of global players!

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Available: Google Play – PH

Anno Primitive
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