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Aquarium Party

Soft Launch – EN + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Aquarium Party (by Hong Kong NanSanNan Technology Co., Limited)

Raise your fish and collect all 12 Constellations!
Aquarium Party is an aquarium simulation game with a cute art style and a relaxing atmosphere. You’ve been chosen by Princess Bubble to leave behind the fast-paced modern reality and live a carefree life with the adorable fish on Cutefish Island. With Bubble’s help, you will manage your own aquarium as an aquarium curator and unlock galleries. Here you will encounter all kinds of magical fish: oceanic fish, delicacy fish, dessert fish, pet fish and fantasy fish… You will also be searching for traces of the 12 Constellation Fish while managing the aquarium. Collect Cutefish now and become the much-envied master collector on Cutefish Island!

[Idle Fish Farming]
Raise your fish with ease! Feed the fish to collect fish essence and use the essence to exchange for hundreds of novel fish species. You can also create the showcase pool of your dream by putting together various background decorations.

Aquarium Party

[Unique Awakening Forms]
Every Cutefish will go through several different forms in their growth and mutations. Upon awakening the 12 Constellation Fish, you may even obtain cute constellation characters, each with their own characteristic monologue and dialogue voice-over. Unlock the fish and discover their hidden stories!

[Brilliant Star Tour]
The Star Tour takes you around the world. You can bring your Cutefish Stars and divide them into teams according to their attributes to compete with others. Enjoy the satisfaction of giving performances and becoming a superstar! There are also time-limited competitions every day. Show up and claim your victory!

Aquarium Party

[Dressing Bubble Up]
Collect outfits and items to create the perfect style for Princess Bubble. Hairstyles, dresses, bags, shoes… Choose from a vast variety of exquisite items and enjoy the fun of personal styling.

[Socializing in Fish Club]
Found or join a Fish Club and participate in club construction, fish essence raising, and instance challenges. Enjoy the club benefits, share your life and fish collection tips with club members, and play with like-minded friends!

Aquarium Party

[Voyages with Pets]
The singing Money Turtle, the boxing master Hermit Crab, the adorkable Water Elf… The cute pets grant different bonuses in fish pools. You can also assign them to voyages around various themed islands to collect fish eggs for incubating Cutefish. Team up with friends for more rewards!

Aquarium Party

[Rich Activities and Sweet Surprises]
Cutefish Exploration, Deepsea Adventure, Phoenix Nirvana… The game offers endless daily activities with interesting and distinct mechanisms. Halloween Candies, New Year Celebration… The Cutefish are always there for you during festivals, the gorgeous festival fish are bound to melt your heart!

Available: Google Play – AU, CA, US, etc…

Aquarium Party
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