Arcrobo – Official iOS

Official Launch (Global) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

💡 Languages: English – Many languages

The description of Arcrobo (by Byte studio)

This is an arcade shooting game in which you collect various pilots and robot parts and make strategic combinations according to the enemy’s situation, attack the enemy and powerful boss in several stages.

Easy to learn!
A playful method that anyone of any age and gender can easily learn from the very beginning.

Collect in large quantities!
Build your own robot by collecting unique pilots with super powers and robot parts with different abilities.

Be the best!
Before the Season Rankings start, challenge the Rankings with your own Robot for the best honors and rewards.

這是一款街機射擊動作遊戲,收集各種飛行員和機器人零件,並根據敵人的情況進行戰略組合,在多個階段攻擊敵人和強大的老闆。 ■ 易學! 任何年齡或性別的任何人都可以從一開始就輕鬆學習的遊戲方法。 ■ 大量收集! 通過收集具有超能力的獨特飛行員和具有各種能力的機器人零件來完成您自己的機器人。 ■ 成為最好的! 在按季節展開的排名之前,用自己的機器人挑戰排名第一,以獲得最好的榮譽和獎勵。app

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