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Arcana Blade : Idle RPG Game

Pre-registration – Global

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Arcana Blade : Idle RPG Game (by SUPERBOX Inc)

Become the Most Powerful Adventurer with Spirits and Magic Sword!
‘Arcana Blade’, an Easy-to-Grow idle RPG

‘The Great Labyrinth, a vast, Endless Ecosystem that began long ago.
Adventurers leave the Great Labyrinth for wealth and fame.

The Story of a lord who get into Labyrinth to revitalize his Territory.

Super-Fast Growth!
Grow up infinitely, even during Offline mode.
Get Rewards even when the game is off.

Arcana Blade : Idle RPG Game

Spectacular Skill Effect
Epic Battels with tons of Monsters!
Defeat your Enemies with splendid Skills and Magic Sword

Arcana Blade : Idle RPG Game

Collecting and Growing!
Unique Spirits and Cute Summoner!
Enjoy Strategic Battles with a variety of Synergies!

Arcana Blade : Idle RPG Game

Customize Your Character’s Costume!
Plus, Improve Combat Power By Collecting High Grade Costumes!

Arcana Blade : Idle RPG Game

Various Event!
Get Attendance Rewards by Log in to the Game!
Grow Your Character Fast with Non-Stop Events!

Get Rewards by Expanding Your Territory!
Get the benefits of Your Territory by Lodge, Hatchery, Beauty Salon System.

Arcana Blade : Idle RPG Game

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