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As Legends: 5v5 Chibi TPS Game

Early access – EN – Beta Test + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of As Legends: 5v5 Chibi TPS Game (by EZ LABS)

AS Legends – Online mobile shooting game – Completely free. Many game modes, easy controls, diverse skills.
AS Legends is the mobile version of AVARTAR STAR. AVATAR START MOBILE inherits a unique character design with 3 character classes including: Guardian, Gunner, Assassin. Each character class possesses a unique set of 5 skills, allowing for many interesting play styles in 5v5 multiplayer matches.

AS Legends is continuously updated: Weapons, equipment, Maps, Game Modes and Character AVATAR (Character Skins)
The development team is always improving and optimizing the game and matchmaking mechanics with each update, bringing the best experience to mobile gaming fans.

In this version, AS Legends has:

  • 8 PvP battle maps
  • 3 classic game modes
  • 3 character classes with 6 different appearances.
  • More than 150 types of weapons and equipment, rings, wings
  • 13 types of gems help increase the character’s defense stats
    And there will be more in the next updated versions

Explore available PvP game modes:
Team Battle
Direct confrontation with other teams. The first team to defeat the enemy 20 times will win!

As Legends: 5v5 Chibi TPS Game

Occupy Base Point
Coordinate with teammates to occupy and protect the base so that the enemy does not have the opportunity to raid and rob the base to receive bonus points. The first team to accumulate 1500 points wins.

As Legends: 5v5 Chibi TPS Game

Capture the Flag
Both teams focus on fighting to gain control of each flag on the map and ambush to steal lost flags to accumulate bonus points and win.

As Legends: 5v5 Chibi TPS Game

Equipped with Wings
Wings are the typical equipment of the game AS Legends. When used, it helps the character fly in the sky. When flying, the player is in an extremely flexible position, able to coordinate with teammates to attack the enemy or retreat safely.

As Legends: 5v5 Chibi TPS Game

Gem System
Helps increase the character’s internal strength. There are 4 types of gems that increase 4 stats: Def, Health, Recovery, Healing. The higher the level of the gem, the more bonus stats.

Upgrade weapons
Helps increase the internal power of weapons. The higher the level, the greater the bonus stats to the weapon. The damage caused to enemies also increases.


As Legends: 5v5 Chibi TPS Game

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