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Attack of the Earthlings

Official Launch – Mobile

💡 Platform – Android, iOS, Seam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox One, Linux, Windows

The description of Attack of the Earthlings (by Junkfish)

Won’t somebody please think of the alien babies?

Join the battle in Attack of the Earthlings Mobile, a thrilling Turn-Based-Strategy game where you adopt the role of a flesh-eating alien determined to defend your planet and alien babies from the powerful intergalactic mega corporation known as “Galactoil.”

Attack of the Earthlings

Strategic Survival

Experience the intensity of the primary gameplay mode, “survival mode,” as you strive to repel waves of invading humans. Strategically spawn grunts and upgrade your alien army under the guidance of the formidable Matriarch unit. Engage in tactical combat, vanquish enemies, and consume them to gather valuable Biomass.

Attack of the Earthlings

Evolve your Units

Utilise the fleshy Biomass to enhance your survival capabilities, evolve your grunts, unleash unique abilities, unlock new areas, and face increasingly formidable waves of enemies in a turn-by-turn format—all while ensuring the safety of the matriarch.

Attack of the Earthlings

Game Features
Simple Turned-based game play with tactical depth
Unlock and upgrade units with unique abilities
Experience the darkness of humanity through wacky humour
A refreshing reversal of Sci-Fi tropes
Vibrant alien landscapes to explore
Improve your survival instincts by utilising the best strategic plans
Quirky characters

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Attack of the Earthlings
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