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Terminal Valhalla

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 종말의 발할라 (by qipaleyou)

Gift Codes: SSR111, SSR222, SSR333, SSR444, SSR555, ONESTORE, GOOGLE

Due to the sudden explosion of the unknown mystical power X, some humans are summoned to another world and acquire this ability.

In this other time and space, masters who will shine for a long time in human history coexisted, and humans called this place “Valhalla.” In order to figure out the relationship between the unknown power X and the two worlds, human masters sign contracts with people with special abilities and are about to embark on an adventure…

종말의 발할라
종말의 발할라
종말의 발할라
종말의 발할라

Available: Google Play – KR

종말의 발할라
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