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Phantasy of Esula

Early access – Open Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Phantasy of Esula (by BattleCry HQ Studio)

Phantasy of Esula is a first-person shooting game with distinct world adventures. You will explore Esula, a planet full of unknown dangers and opportunities. Travel through mysterious floating islands, and find the only truth to save this world from falling apart!

Welcome to Esula!


Epic Battle Experience
Experience intense and fluid FPS gameplays with ever-evolving fighting rhythms. Get ready for the exciting battles. Embark on a galactic adventure and take your tactics and strategies, show off your skills to make it out alive.


Unique Guns
Guns are originated from the unique civilization of Esula, hiding beneath this treasure land. Level up your weapons, READY, AIM, FIRE!


Explore the Fantastical World
Immerse yourself in these beautiful day and night alternates, freely explore the fantastical Planet Esula with unique landscapes and species you have never seen before. Uncover the stories between a mysterious ancient civilization and a new era beyond imagination.


Compelling Concept and Stories
Planet Esula, once a land of vitality blessed by Gods, has been disastrously broken into multiple floating islands after Armageddon. You are a mission taker coming from the Landry Continent, the last remaining inhabitable land on this planet, with a location near to its core. Carrying the great mission of saving Esula, you are assigned to the Lost Realm to find traces of Gods. May you break through all the obstacles and find a way to let Gods descend on this planet again, returning Esula back to a planet of wholeness!

Available: Google Play – US, AU, CA

Phantasy of Esula

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