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Nida the Dragonland

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Nida the Dragonland (by SuperV Games)

Welcome to Dragonland, an enchanting realm where you can merge everything to survive and thrive upon an ancient dragon, Nida.
Collect valuable treasure chests and gather resources to merge and unlock new structures, safeguarding Nida from the invasion of evil forces. In the meantime, you will encounter powerful allies who will join you on your quest. Together, you will grow stronger and rebuild new legends upon Nida.

Match objects
Freely merge objects as you explore its beauty. Combine similar items through drag-and-match gameplay, evolving them to be much more powerful! Sacrificing void fragments, you can harness the holy radiance and cleanse the darkness that looms.

Nida the Dragonland

Build Dragonland
The evil force gets close to Nida, but fear not! Undertake the task of rebuilding and optimizing a multitude of facilities, strategically allocating resources and engage in fierce battles against the evil and restore the land to its former glory, defending the dragons from dark side!

Nida the Dragonland

Encounter powerful heroes
Discover over 70 heroes across five unique factions, eagerly awaiting your command! Assemble your squad, diligently level up your heroes, and train them to overcome all challenges and obstacles as a united force.

Nida the Dragonland

Fight with allies
Take part in an extraordinary adventure upon Nida as you combat the menacing evil forces and uncover the enigmatic secrets hidden within its depths. Strategically position your heroic allies on the optimal rows during intense battles, utilizing simple screen swipes to dominate the field.

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Available: Google Play – US

Nida the Dragonland

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