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Kritika Survivor

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Kritika Survivor (by allm)

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A roguelike action game reborn through an original IP
A new action roguelike in the Kritika series that has captivated 400,000 concurrent users!

Kritika Survivor

A stunning art style combined with quality 3D graphics
Break away from the 2D norm of roguelike games!
Admire the unrivaled, fully 3D visuals made with the Unity engine!

Characters that change based on the weapon
Have fun with 3D characters that change based on the equipped weapon!

Kritika Survivor

Three skills that change based on the weapon
Try out three different skills that change based on the weapons that are equipped!

Simple controls that let you play with one hand
A 3D game that can be easily enjoyed with just one hand!
Thanks to the simple gameplay system, anyone can play!

Unlimited, free-flowing battles
Survive against endless waves of monsters pouring through the dimensional door!
Experience dynamic and fresh battles through skills combos that change each round!

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Kritika Survivor

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