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Tricky Revive

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 트릭컬 리바이브 (by EPIDGames)

Become the leader of Elias and expand your church with a variety of cute apostles!

You suddenly became the leader of world diplomatic relations!
The reward is a slap in the face anytime, anywhere…
Thanks to the cute apostles, work is fun!

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Soft and cute cheeks!

Select over 50 types of apostles with soft cheeks, grow them, and hit the balls!

Choose one of three cards to purchase! You can create your own strategy by making strategic choices!

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Enjoy ‘Dungeon’ with various concepts

Conquer dungeons with various parodies and different combat methods! Various growth goods are a bonus!

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Let’s create your own denomination!

Strengthen your daily life by collecting materials through part-time jobs!

Collect and create new items using the collected living materials!

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Chatter! Various stories of the apostles!

Enjoy a variety of noisy stories through the theater!

Elias Theater is always showing! Genre: comedy, emotion, thrill, suspense?

Serve food at the banquet hall and enjoy the personal stories of the apostles!

Available: Google Play / App Store – KR

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