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Dragon Fall: Revolution

Official Launch(Global)+Apk

The description of Dragon Fall: Revolution

Dragon Fall: Revolution is a monster-mowing MMO which is an imaginative dark fantasy mobile game with magnificent scene and exquisite character model. In this very MMO, massive skills are free to match, and dozens of Figures help you in fierce fighting.

It is a fantastic martial arts world set in Tang Dynasty bringing you back to the prosperous time, get supreme gear in non-stop monster mowing, and immersed in the cliffhanger story with your friends!

Game features

Slay the Devils and the Demons, Huge Amount of Drops
Fight against the fairy beasts in the fantasy land, slay the evil demons in the endless purgatory.
Super high drop rate, supreme gear are within reach, you’ll get everything you want!


Super Transform, Wild Assault
Super Transform system, one tap evolution
Mow down monsters with extremely high damage, countless combo makes awesome battles!

Dragon Fall: Revolution

Gorgeous Effects, Cool Skins
Dreamy Wings and Magnificent Skill
Popular cool Skin, movie quality scene, attractive to beauties

Dragon Fall: Revolution

Spirit Figures&Beasts, Massive Benefits
Divine Mount FREE to upgrade, Extraordinary Figures given at the opening
Get Ingots by Gear trading, enjoy growth benefits all the way

Abundant gameplay, Say goodbye to copycat
Abundant dungeon play, individual, group and Guild modes
Become stronger in every battle, level up quickly to face all challenge with calm smile!

Dragon Fall: Revolution
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