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Official Launch + APK – Updated

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of AVARS: AVABEL Ranking Season (by Asobimo, Inc.)

MMORPG that you aim to conquer the Onliest Ranking!

More than 100 types of Ranking System!
Reach the top with Ranking that matches your playstyle, including Defeated Monsters and PvP Victories!

AVARS: AVABEL Ranking Season

Season-based system that Seasons switch after certain time!
All the Rankings will be reset right the instant Seasons have switched! Any players can challenge again from the scratch!

AVARS: AVABEL Ranking Season

Weapons x Magic!? Infinite Variations of Fighting Style!
Unlike the ordinary MMORPG, there are no “Class”! Find your own fighting style by combining over 500 types of Skills!

AVARS: AVABEL Ranking Season

Character Making can be done freely!
Dress up your character by changing outfit and draping aura!

Online battle against players around the world!
Achieve victory through heated PvP with your hardened power and tactics!

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AVARS: AVABEL Ranking Season
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