Badass Remake

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Badass Remake (by VOX VERBI)

Who’s the King of Action Games? Challenge with huge waves of diverse micro-action games!!

Poke, squeeze, shake, cut, and drag FTW! Use your instinct to play in 5 seconds or less!!

Game Overview

King of Action Games

Touch and tilt the screen to do all kinds of badass things! Lift up skirts, activate fire alarms, shoot streetlights, crack treasure chests, burn ants… and at the end of each level, you’ll face one final kick-ace boss!!

Badass Remake

5 seconds

Faster than fast! Quicker than quick!

Poke, squeeze, shake, cut, and drag FTW! Use your instinct to challenge games in 5 seconds or less!

Your finger becomes a sword when you need to cut. it turns to fire when you want to burn. And it is a rock when you’re gonna smash things!!

Badass Remake

Fresh challenges, Available on Demand
Your fingers begging for more? Keep Badass new and exciting with new games coming to you on a regular basis!!

Badass Remake

Online Bragging Rights
Share your high scores online! See how you measure yourself against the entire world or even just against your friends!!
Micro-action Game Madness

Time Flies – Tear off the calendar to a certain date(best way to skip weekdays)

Finger Up – Awww!

Falling Pots – Push pots to hit pedestrians.

Face Painting – Draw something!

Unweaving – Pull out the thread to unweave sweaters.

Santa Girl – Give kids Santa clothing as gifts.

Insomnia – Make sheep jump over hurdles.

Marksman – Shoot the apple on your boss’s head.

Skirt Flip – Race through the corridor and flip up school girls’ skirts!

There’re 100+ challenges waiting for you! How about poking snail eyes, squeezing toothpaste, stealing fruits, and breaking furniture!

Badass Remake

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