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Battle King: Pixel Arena

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Battle King: Pixel Arena (by WONCOMZ.INC)

Welcome to the fantastic army battle strategy game “BattleKing”!
This game offers a unique experience where units engage in intense battles on a grand scale, with 100 vs 100 or more units clashing on the battlefield. Secure victory through unit composition and strategic army deployment!

Battle King: Pixel Arena

100 vs 100 Epic Confrontations
BattleKing supports large-scale battles, with up to 100 vs 100 units engaging in combat on a single battlefield. Real-time battles where unit tactics and strategic movements determine the outcome.

Battle King: Pixel Arena

Diversity in Unit Combinations
From the Skeleton King who resurrects fallen allies, to the Ninja who stealthily attacks enemies from behind, and the Swordsman skilled in close combat! Over 100 different units are available in the game, each with unique characteristics and abilities. As the commander, create your ultimate unit combination and utilize them strategically.

Battle King: Pixel Arena

Strategic Unit Placement
To achieve victory in numerous battles, careful placement of units is crucial. Consider unit positioning on the battlefield, unit synergies, and strategic maneuvers to choose the optimal combat positions.

Battle King: Pixel Arena

Foundation for Advancement! Unit Growth
Earn rewards within BattleKing and enhance your units. Strengthened units have a greater impact in battles, allowing you to overwhelm opponents and seize advantageous opportunities on the battlefield.

Global Warfare
Engage in battles and compete in rankings against commanders from around the world! Utilize the best strategies to exploit the weaknesses of opposing commanders and emerge victorious in thrilling confrontations.

Available: Google Play – CA, AU

Battle King: Pixel Arena

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