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BattleLeague Heroes

Soft Launch – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of BattleLeague Heroes (by HYBE IM Co., Ltd.)

Anyone can be a winner, but not everyone can be a hero
Become the greatest battle hero!

BattleLeague Heroes

BattleLeague Heroes

Think Like a Hero
– Hero collection & training system with diverse attack skills
– Build your own war legion with a strategic hero formation deck
– Empower attack capability with the legion of heroes placed in your deck
– Heroic battles, from large-scale army battles to character trait-based strategic play!

BattleLeague Heroes

Battle Like a Hero
– Who’s the hero of BattleLeague?! PVP (Player vs Player) Arena
– Adventure and journey battles with an engaging story
– Offering super powerful rewards! Boss Conquest

BattleLeague Heroes

Win Like a Hero
– A quick battle game from player matching to strategic placement and battles
– Casual auto army battle play! Casual Strategic Idle RPG
– Battlechest and rewards are given to the strongest war hero battler


Available: Google Play – AU, CA

BattleLeague Heroes

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