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MiniLife: Tournament

Official Launch – Release – Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | Steam | iOS

The description of MiniLife: Tournament (by KEFIR)

Build your village under a hail of gunpowder barrels and bombs. Collect resources and defend against enemy sieges. Destroy enemy fortifications with combat llamas and mega mechs. MiniLife: Tournament is a cooperative game where only teamwork leads to victory!

MiniLife: Tournament

Show what you got!
Find yourself on a real battlefield in MiniLife: Tournament. Strive to defeat the enemy team? Use the most daring tactics in dynamic 5v5 battles with other players.
– Do you want to defend your allies and help them, or get to your enemies? Choose a hero to your liking and upgrade them.
– Collect resources, fortify towers, and build structures.
– Build your village under the onslaught of enemy equipment and a hail of gunpowder barrels and bombs.
– Wreak havoc as you drive combat robots and siege llamas, lay traps, and bomb the enemy village.
This is where teamwork and a desire to succeed will lead you to victory!

MiniLife: Tournament

Safety in numbers
Do you prefer to defend your teammates with a shield at your side? Or would you rather go behind enemy lines and wreak havoc? Choose your hero in the barracks and go into battle! In MiniLife, the one who can work together and think outside the box wins. Remember, adaptation is the key to victory.

No important decisions beforehand
Tired of initiating battle as a warrior? The knight doesn’t understand he has to protect your archer? Got no clue why you had to pick a priestess if the rest of the team ignores your skills? No problem! Just change your hero in the barracks in the middle of the match and show the others how it’s done.

MiniLife: Tournament

Your home, your rules
Develop and expand your village with structures. A variety of buildings will make your strategy flexible and help you crush your enemies. Stone mines, lumber mills, barracks, explosives factories, siege machines — choose wisely.

MiniLife: Tournament

All’s fair
Enemies can be tricky, but you are trickier. Are your opponents too strong for a fair fight? Get your combat llama and terrify the enemy! Can’t get past their defenses? Bomb their towers and gates! Is the match dragging on? It’s time to awaken the mech!

Do it yourself
Why buy stuff when you can make it yourself? Collect resources and craft equipment, fortifications, combat llamas, catapults, and even megabombs!

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MiniLife: Tournament

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