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Dead Mines : roguelike

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dead Mines : roguelike (by Igrusha LTD)

Top-Down shooter roguelike with mines, dungeons, caves, various weapons and endless adventure.

Dead Mines : roguelike

The miners’ village was attacked by unknown forces.
The miners bravely resisted, but failed.
The story begins when you accidentally find yourself in this village and now you have to confront an unknown evil.
I don’t know why the Ancient Stone in the center of the village chose you and now helps you fight your enemies.
He gives you magical powers so that you can fight indefinitely until you destroy these aliens. Try over and over again to overcome the Rune Portals in the Citadel until you destroy all, in the best roguelike tradition.
This is now your heroic mission.

Dead Mines : roguelike

Restore the miners’ village.
Explore the underground world in search of treasure and loot.
Mine and produce resources.
Craft and modify your weapons.
Combine your weapons with magical abilities to achieve perfection in destroying enemies. Challenge yourself by destroying everyone who gets in your way in this challenging but addictive game.

Dead Mines : roguelike

As with any roguelike game, don’t be afraid of hardship, Ancient Stone will revive you for further resistance.
Upgrade your hero to the perfect enemy killer.

• Randomly generated mines and dungeons are always a new gaming experience.
• Easy control with your single finger.
• Customizable weapons with random talents.
• Diverse and random enemies.
• Unique magical abilities.
• The hero upgrade system.
• Top down shooter.
• Roguelike game.

Dead Mines : roguelike
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