Become Survivor


The description of Become Survivor


In the near future, the infected creatures decimated humankind.

You, as the leader of survivors, built this base and housed uninfected humans. The situation is getting worse day by day.


Facing unstoppable infected creatures and lack of food and water, will you maintain a fight you cannot win, or be a betrayer of humanity to protect your base and friends by any means necessary?


Collect Resources, Expand Territory, and Advance Technology
Supply of food and water is essential for surviving. The stable source of oil, electricity, lumber, and iron is key to maintain a base. Build fundamental facilities and develop technology

Gather Survivors and Form Devastating Armies
At a time of plague, only the bravest survivor will combat the infected and protect the base. Every survivor has their own skills and story. Discover them!

Make Alliance to Survive in Infected Land
Every decision has consequences. It’s up to you to make a friend, or rob a base of other survivors and collect bunch of resources immediately. Will or not humanity be reserved, we must survive.


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