Big Farm

Official Launch – Open Beta – Mobile + APK

💡 Platform – Android | PC

The description of Big Farm (by Goodgame Studios)

You can now play the original Big Farm game with its intricate multiple farm management on your mobile.

With ten years of content and a cooperative community, Goodgame Big Farm has been the favorite of many generations. Immerse yourself in Big Farm with friends, family and farmers from all over the world. In this multiplayer farm simulator game you can build-up and develop many different farms to create your own farming world. Plant and harvest online crops to produce food, feed your animals and sell your goods in the marketplace; and take part in an enormous variety of challenges with our well established online community. You will compete against other farmers but also team up with your friends to create huge cooperatives. Unlock all the farms, plan your production carefully, sharpen your business skills on the market and become the world’s best farmer!

Big Farm

Unlock and manage multiple farms: Discover all the different types of farms that Big Farm has to offer. You don’t only have the opportunity to build-up 5 permanent farms, but can also unlock magical farms that appear temporarily on the map, just always be on the lookout for when those clouds disappear.

Big Farm

Build-up your main farm: This is your main hub in the game and where your first residents and villagers will come to visit. Plant, harvest and grow your crops, tend to your animals and build and expand your farm to create a unique place that will mesmerize other players that visit you.

Big Farm

Discover magical farms: Visit the far away lands of the Vikings, travel to an exotic island, farm inside a volcano, or create a candy wonderland filled with wonderful funfair attractions. Let your imagination run wild with these unconventional online farms.

Big Farm

Protect exotic life: In Big Farm you not only tend to typical livestock like cows and chickens you also protect orcas and other exotic animals that want to live in your online farms.

Farm the ocean: Why only farm on land when you have the whole ocean at your disposal? Create and build your own fishing fleet and fish responsibly in your online farming world, then sell your fish to the residents at the restaurant and the marketplace.

Flower-up your life: escape the busy every-day life and immerse yourself in a place where you can create the farm of your dreams. Change the background of your farms to make them look and feel as magical as you have envisioned them. Make Big Farm your place of joy where you can fill your life with virtual flowers.


Big Farm

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