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Apple Knight: RPG Platformer

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The description of Apple Knight: RPG Platformer

No ads. No gem packs. This is a premium game that can be played for free initially. Then the whole game can be unlocked with a single purchase.

Apple Knight: RPG Platformer

We set out to create one of the best platformer games on mobile devices. We wanted the player to be able to effortlessly control the character, explore vast levels filled with secrets, quests & loot and have satisfying boss battles.

Apple Knight: RPG Platformer

Apple Knight is a modern retro action platformer with tight controls, fluid character movement, and smooth animation.

Move effortlessly with double jump, dash, wall climbing and ledge hanging. This game gives you a lot of freedom from the get-go.

Apple Knight: RPG Platformer

Fight your way through hordes of evil wizards, knights, and creatures.

– 40 levels: 4 worlds with 10 levels. 4 bosses.
– Customize character skins, weapons and abilities.
– Modern platformer with double jump, dash, wall climbing, ledge hanging.
– Pets!
– 2 secret areas in every level.
– 6 customizable touchscreen control layouts.
– Gamepad support.
– Keyboard support on Chromebooks. Supports Samsung DeX.
– Cloud save support.
– Achievements.
– Made with lots of love and care!

Apple Knight: RPG Platformer
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