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The description of Magicabin : witchcraft & adventure (by IVYMOBILE)

Have you ever dreamed of…
owning a little cabin in the forest.
The furnace inside is always warm no matter how heavy the rain is outside.
You may befriend old ghost and fairies of legends.
It is as if time never changes there as the flowers around the house never wither.
We designed this game to make your fantasy cabin come to life.

Treasure Hunt
Curiosity turns an apprentice into a master.
Treasure hunt is the core of the whole game. Go explore the expansive world and disperse the truth behind the mist.
Search for endless treasure and knowledge to satisfy your inquisitive mind.

Explore Story
This will be a journey full of suspense.
You will meet interesting characters and learn about their backstories.

Magicabin : witchcraft & adventure

Customize Cabin
You will have a fully customisable cabin with a garden by the sea.
Change the appearance of furniture and their placements as you like
Make it the residence of your dream.

Magicabin : witchcraft & adventure

Coming Soon. Wall DIY
We are working on a new feature that allows you to DIY the wall, the furnace and the floor, making the cabin even closer to your dream house.

Magicabin : witchcraft & adventure

From Mortal to Wizard
You will learn how to use magic, befriend with ghosts, join the magic academy and raise magic pets on the adventure.
You will gradually get familiar with this world and become a real wizard.

Created by ©PalmassGames

Magicabin : witchcraft & adventure

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