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Alexis Almighty: Daughter of Hercules

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The description Alexis Almighty: Daughter of Hercules

Chronos – the merciless God of time planned an attack on Greece, but he knows that he will not be able to realize his insidious plan while Hercules stands in his way! In order to get rid of his main rival, Chronos casts a spell on Hercules …. Dark magic makes the immortal hero grow old sharply, depriving all his strength and energy.

Alexis Almighty: Daughter of Hercules

With all his strength, Hercules takes a decisive step, and throws his magic hammer through the portal of time … A hero who finds a hammer will inherit all the power of Hercules and will be able to defeat the evil God of time!

Alexis Almighty: Daughter of Hercules

The hammer is found by none other than Alexis – the young daughter of Hercules! A brave girl knows that only she can save the world, so she takes a hammer and sets off for a dangerous battle with Chronos! You can’t lose a minute – time is running out!

Game Features:
● A new look at classic gameplay!
● Exciting battles and unique locations!
● An exciting story with lots of unexpected twists!
● Bonus levels and puzzles!
● Travel through portals to parallel worlds!

Alexis Almighty: Daughter of Hercules
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