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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of BoomeranGO! (by NIX TECHNOLOGIES)

BoomeranGO! Adventure Game

3, 2, 1… It’s GO! Time. You’ve been chosen as the protector of the Coin.

Make sure you look lit in every battle fighting off the Icks. They’re always after your treasure box of Coins.

There are thousands of Coins across the multiverses. They give their holders unlimited energy and health. But too many in the wrong hands can lead to the doom of all the worlds.

So style your avatar, pick up your boomerang, and off into the multiverse you go

As a Throw Master, your duty is to protect the Coins 🪙 But to fulfill your duty and open the portals, you must keep the avatar’s energy high at all times.

Fuel it correctly, keep moving throughout the day, and sleep well to maintain your power.

To be strong – get creative with your meals…
To earn more gameplay tickets – count your daily steps.
For extra power beams – grab water.
To travel through the portals – get a good night’s sleep.


For centuries, the Icks have been stealing and trading Coins on the black market. They have no good intentions, only to get rich. Always competing with each other, they never unlock the true magic of the Coin.

The only way to defeat them is with your boomerang 🪃 Water gives you a power beam during the fight. So be quick to grab it

Yikes, it’s the screen time limit! Earn more play time with special gameplay tickets by making healthier choices in the game and in real life.


Challenge your friends to a step-counting competition. Share avatar design ideas, and become the greatest Throw Master.

Psst… Once you spin the spinner, you’ll unlock more rare and epic costumes and accessories for your avatar.

Interactive gameplay modes, fun game design, and exciting quests await. Download BoomeranGO! now.



Customize your avatar – from eye color to accessories.
Collect rewards for each healthy habit.
Limited gameplay time: healthy choices = screen time.
Easy-to-master game controls.


Your parents will love this game, too, and here’s why:

CREATE balanced eating patterns.
UNDERSTAND the importance of regular exercise
LEARN to drink more water
BUILD a better sleep routine

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