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Echo Of The Pureland

Official Launch

💡 Platform – iOS

The description of Echo Of The Pureland (by Natsu Nuts Games)

Play as a brave adventurer and save the dwarven homeland from the evil. Fight enemies, unlock powerful weapons and magic, and be the bravest warrior! Download now!

On The Distant Continent Of Draconis, Dwarves Have Established A Prosperous Kingdom With Their Excellent Mining And Metallurgical Skills.

Echo Of The Pureland

However, Dragons Coveted Their Wealth And Took Over Their Homeland, Forcing The Dwarves To Wander Around In Search Of Refuge.

Echo Of The Pureland

At The Same Time, Evil Forces Also Affected The Parallel Human World, Causing Frequent Extreme Natural Disasters And Social Unrest In Many Areas.

Echo Of The Pureland

A Group Of Teenagers Agreed To Go On An Adventure In The Wilderness But Encountered A Sudden Rainstorm Along The Way. To Avoid Getting Wet From The Rainwater, They Entered A Cave To Rest. Just Then, Lightning Struck Them Unconscious.

Echo Of The Pureland

When They Opened Their Eyes Again, They Were Surprised To Find Themselves In The Dwarf Kingdom Without Their Companions And Had To Face Unprecedented Adventures And Challenges Alone.

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Echo Of The Pureland

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