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Knight Rider: A Takeout RPG

Soft Launch – Global – EN + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Knight Rider: A Takeout RPG (by Gameduo)

Who are we? We are knights of delivery!
You look so pretty when you Pre-Registration the game ^^
Clear the way! The knight of delivery is coming!
Beat the monsters and the infected customer after non-stoppable growth.
Cool pixel art, thrilling idle play, and fancy action! Now we are recruiting delivery knights!

Knight Rider: A Takeout RPG

Kinghts of delivery stoooooory

Customers turned into infected customers all because of virus coins!
Lead your loyal fly mercenary squad and put an end to those infected customers!
Hey customers… pretty please, don’t pick up those coins….
Get those delivery tips and wish for major success for both you and the knights! (By the way, being humble is cool too!

A brand-new game by Mafgames who creates the original idle RPG [Retro Mr. Kim] and [The game is bugged].

Put one spoon for dot…, put two spoons for dad jokes, and a whole lot of WOWWOWWWAAAAAH MafGames vibe!
We’re looking for knights to join the Delivery Knights crew and grow infinity!

Delivery is part of being a knight.
Monsters, move away! We deliver speedily all across the nation using various riding skills!

Knight Rider: A Takeout RPG

Battle is part of being a knight.
Hunt down monsters with various epic skills and gear! I’m the toughest knight in Soul Pixel City!

Farming is part of being a knight.
Get food ingredients by hunting monsters! Train yourself and make the greatest restaurant!

Knight Rider: A Takeout RPG

Idle is part of being a knight.
Achieve financial freedom… The dream of unearned income in Soul Pixel City!

Knight Rider: A Takeout RPG

Growth is part of being a knight.
Endless growth awaits! Get stronger with restaurants, food, and spices! We got all kinds of dungeons for you!

There’s nothing we can’t handle, so how about we order some orc rice soup, y’all?

Available: Google Play / App Store – TW

Knight Rider: A Takeout RPG

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